When listening to Techno or Electronic Dance Music the overall form is that of an increasing density of events which leads to a climax after which the bass drum comes in with a four-to-the-floor beat. Expectancy of an event at a time point in the future was found before as an increase of synchronization in neural spike activity between different brain areas. At the time point of expectation synchronization is at its maximum dropping fast afterwards. The activity was found in the gammaband at 40-50 Hz of brain activity.

As this activity spreads out over many parts of the brain the motor cortex becomes effected too and we become nervous starting moving our feet, hands or body. This might be the main trick with Techno music making people dance by including their motor areas in the synchronized rhythm of neurons.

Lenz Hartmann was investigating a EDM piece using an EEG device playing the piece to several subjects three times each. Relating the amount of neural synchronization between brain areas to the musical form he found great similarities.

Mean (black) and standard deviation (gray) of the amount of brain synchronization when listening to a EDM piece. The peaks of synchronization correspond to the musical climaxes, after which the bass drum comes in.

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