Univ.-Prof. Dr. habil. Rolf Bader

University of Hamburg

Institute of Systematic Musicology

Neue Rabenstr. 13, 20354 Hamburg

Rolf Bader studied Systematic Musicology, Physics, Ethnology, and Historic Musicology at the University of Hamburg where he obtained his PhD and Habilitation. He is Professor for Systematic Musicology at the Institute of Systematic Musicology, University of Hamburg since 2007. His major fields of research are Musical Acoustics and Musical Signal Processing, Musical Hardware and Software Development, Music Ethnology, Music Psychology, and Philosophy of Music. He published several books and papers about these topics. He was a visiting scholar at the Center for Computer Music and Research (CCRMA) at Stanford University 2005-6. He was also working as a professional musician, composer, and artist, running recording studios, working as a music journalist, leading exhibitions, and running a cinema. He conducted fieldwork as an Ethnomusicologist in Bali, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China and India since 1999.